Keep On Moving Interactive and Therapeutically Oriented Music Services

KOMITOMS, Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2017 aimed at providing engaging and meaningful music experiences to maximize quality of life and increase workplace morale.

With the support of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, Grammy award-winning musicians, the healthcare community, and loving family and friends, Keep On Moving TV was created to serve the needs of the growing elderly population.

Have you ever been to a nursing home at an hour in between meals and scheduled activities? If so, you have probably witnessed residents and staff disengaged with each other in a dining room with the TV on in the background. This environment that lacks therapeutic focus tends to breed increased agitation, worry, wandering, despondency, and apathy amongst residents and increased guilt amongst family members. We are here to change that!

Keep On Moving TV consists of 3 episodes of about 1 hour and 15 minutes of music programming, including Sing Alongs, Dance Alongs, Fill in the Lyrics, Drum Alongs, Chair Exercises, Tone Bar Activities and Poetry/Reminisce Cool Downs.

Keep On Moving TV:

  • Bridges the generational and cultural gaps of the elderly and their caregivers.

  • Increases socialization, nonverbal and verbal interaction, and group cohesion.

  • Strengthens the ability to creatively contribute.

  • Strengthens long and short term memory.

  • Provides diverse musical genres, styles, and the use of repetition to sustain attention span and maximize patient participation.

  • Is equally engaging for the elderly and the younger generation.

  • Is easy and fun to use.

To schedule a demonstration of Keep On Moving TV with your facility, email Marlon Sobol at


Marlon Sobol

Marlon Sobol- MT-BC, LCAT is a professional percussionist and music therapist who has performed extensively throughout the world.

Sobol has worked as a music therapist in long term and sub acute healthcare facilities for over 16 years. His work have been featured in "DRUM!" Magazine; in "Preserving Your Memory" Magazine; in the Journal News, on Armand DiMele's, "The Positive Mind," and on NPR's "Soundcheck" with John Schaefer.